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In the years following independence, Bulgaria more and more militarized and was often referred to as “the Balkan Prussia”. The war resulted in important territorial losses and a complete of 87,500 soldiers killed. More than 253,000 refugees from the lost territories immigrated to Bulgaria from 1912 to 1929, inserting further strain on the already ruined nationwide financial system.

The national helpline for children, that gives data, counselling and help to youngsters over the telephone, received 80 stories of a parent abusing one other parent in March alone, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs. This signifies that violence towards women and youngsters has doubled compared to the months before the pandemic,” says Dr Michail Okoliyski from the WHO Country Office in the capital Sofia.

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Sometimes it was associated to some sort of dependency on the opinion of the male mentor, and in different instances the figure of the male writer overshadowed the artistic potential of the lady who was at all times considered a protégé and never as a real proficient creator. The promotion of ladies writers was possible only if they’ve discovered properly the pedagogical exercise to serve their community and family. They assumed that they should cross a interval of literary infancy so as to be acknowledged as poets or novelists of a unique style. Some of them really succeeded and managed to form their life story throughout virtually one age in literary historical past.

Compared to wartime levels, national GDP elevated five-fold and per capita GDP quadrupled by the Eighties, though extreme debt spikes occurred in 1960, 1977 and 1980. Zhivkov’s daughter, Lyudmila, bolstered national satisfaction by selling Bulgarian heritage, culture and humanities worldwide. Facing declining delivery rates among the ethnic Bulgarian majority, in 1984 Zhivkov’s authorities pressured the minority ethnic Turks to adopt Slavic names in an try and erase their identity and assimilate them.

These policies resulted within the emigration of some 300,000 ethnic Turks to Turkey. The Bulgarian principality received a war against home Serbia and integrated the semi-autonomous Ottoman territory of Eastern Rumelia in 1885, proclaiming itself an unbiased state on 5 October 1908.

She published eleven poems and two essays in a number of Bulgarian periodicals. The poems and a proposal for publishing of a poetry guide deposited to the Bulgarian library society in Constantinople provide information for the female identity of this writer who was apparently part of the Bulgarian neighborhood in Romania. It is believed that she was born in Tulcea, and when she graduated the native Bulgarian college she was for some time a scholar in the Tabor – a city presently within the Czech republic. It is strange nevertheless, that there isn’t any details about her in any of the archives left from the ladies’s group, school or different information about Tulcea.

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Her name might be a mystification for a male author Anton Frangya, a graduate from the Galata saray lyceum in Constantinople, because beside the public versions a few of her texts had been solely present in his archives . Retrieving the context of Bulgarian literature of nineteenth c it may be said that it was a period when there were very few educated women and even fewer women writers or translators, so it was the male writers toward who promoted women to write. Although some feminist historians name such men “male feminists”, I do not agree with that label as there was always a price that the lady writer needed to pay to get a promotion.

Supported by the Women at Risk program at the Open Society Institute and the Global Fund for Women, the text is forged inside a framework of gender justice, emphasizing the rights of ladies as shoppers, patients and residents. “In Bulgaria, 7 women have misplaced their lives at the hands of a associate or family member since COVID-19 confinement measures were set in place.

Bulgaria has adopted a nationwide programme to stop and defend women and children in opposition to home violence. The programme meets a vital need as nongovernmental organizations have registered a rise in violence in opposition to women and children since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The sound of Bulgarian women’s folks choirs captured the world’s creativeness when an album entitled “Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares” captured the world’s creativeness. This now iconic recording bought tons of of 1000’s of copies and uncovered tens of millions to the backbone-tingling harmonies of Bulgaria’s finest women’s ensembles. In the historical past of nineteenth c women’s literature there additionally the opposite cases – when we now have a reputation – a signature, however no some other reference to biography.

Sometimes, there are hypothesis of mystification– of a disguise of a man under the name of a woman. Karamfila Stefanova’s case is clearly becoming into the first and the third methodological drawback.

Irina Tordorova“Нашемо мядо, Нце самцме” has been used at coaching seminars throughout the country and at workshops conducted by grassroots women’s teams. About 500 copies have been donated to groups that use it of their outreach. We have used the e-book as a base for discussions in many seminars in neighborhood centers (or “Chitalishte”) throughout the nation, as well as in different outreach activities with women’s teams in small cities and villages.