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Compare our top 10 pick of the best online dating sites in the UK. We’ve ranked each website by its popularity (UK Traffic Rank) score, which provides a good indicator of how many active members each site has. We only compare the most trusted dating sites that have passed our minimum criteria.

UK Traffic Rank – lowest score is most popular. Last updated on 24 December 2016.

UK Traffic Rank Scores – are provided by Alexa.com and are a good indication of a dating sites popularity. They are calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views to a website from users from the UK over the last 3 months. meetmindful app The website with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked 1 in that country.

Why Try Online Dating?

There are many reasons to try online dating and we’ve listed our top 5 reasons below:

1. Online Dating is Booming

Online dating is now big business and has a become a mainstream way of finding a new partner with hundreds of dating sites to choose from. Our modern way of communicating with each other on PCРІР‚в„ўs, tablets and smart phones has fuelled this boom in online dating. The latest research also indicates that one in four relationships now start online.

2. Fits in with your busy lifestyle

As our work lives become increasingly busy it can be hard finding enough time to socialise to meet that special person. Online dating allows you to search and communicate with people at a time that suits you without getting in the way of your busy lifestyle. You can even use dating sites on the move with your mobile phone. Many of the bigger of sites now having dating apps that you can download to use from your android or iphone smart phone.

3. No fear of rejection

It can be difficult to pick up the courage to approach new people in bars and clubs as the fear of rejection can hold you back. You don’t have to worry about this with online dating as the person you are emailing is also looking for a date and if they aren’t in to you then that’s ok too as there are plenty of other ‘fish’ online.

4. Meet people outside your social circle

As we get older it can get increasingly harder to meet like minded single people within our immediate social circles. The big advantage with online dating sites is that they give you the opportunity to meet more single people and make new friends outside of you’re social circle.

5. Saves you money

Some people don’t like paying for to use dating sites but when you calculate how much money you spend on travel, drinks, food and entrance fees to socialise in bars, clubs and more, dating sites are comparatively much cheaper. Some dating sites will offfer free trials too and you can always try out a free dating site first to get an idea of how online dating works before signing up to a paid site.

Is Online Dating Safe?

Online dating is a very safe and enjoyable experience as long as you follow some basic do’s’ and don’ts. We’ve listed our top tips to staying safe online below:

1. Choose a reputable site

Your first step is to choose a well-known reputable dating site like eHarmony or Match where there will be plenty of active members and you’re less likely to encounter any issues such as billing problems. We also recommend paid dating sites over free as they have the most genuine members whereas with free dating sites where you don’t have to provide a credit card to identify yourself are more frequented by scammers.

2. Keep your personal information safe

Registering is quick and easy these days and you can even use you’re Facebook login details but remember not to provide any personal identifiable information such as your full name, and home address in your profile or to any other members before you meet them. Be cautious of anyone on the site who seems too good to be true as they probably are and could just be after your money.

3. Meet Safely

When you’re finally ready to meet up for a date make sure it’s in a public place and tell a friend or family member where you are going. Ask them to ring you during your date so your date know’s someone is looking out for you. If you feel uncomfortable during you’re date don’t be afraid to leave earlier too. You can always make up an excuse like you’re not feeling too well. Even though you may have chatted for a while remember they are still stranger when you first meet them so follow your instincts and don’t get drunk either.

Read our top 10 tips to get more advice and how to get the most out of online dating.

Why compare with us?

Top10datingsites.co.uk has been comparing dating sites since 2007, and we currently provide over 30 detailed reviews of the most popular UK sites. We rank dating sites by their ‘UK Traffic Rank’ score as this provides a good indicator of how many active members belong to each site. Our Traffic Rank scores are completely unbiased as the source of this data is provided by an independent company, Alexa.com.

We continually strive to list only the most trusted dating sites and filter out those ones that use unscrupulous tactics to encourage members to subscribe. If you suspect any of the websites we’ve listed to be acting in such a manner, please contact us. You can read our minimum criteria for being listed here.