To your right is a picture of braided cotton rope from one of the many 1-8 dollar shops in my city. It is by far the cheapest useful rope I’ve ever come across. It’s not hugely expensive. It has this really interesting feature; with the core removed, it actually sits quite flat on the skin, which is why I refer to it as webbing. I wouldn’t use this stuff for bondage at all with the core intact. It’s just stiff and cumbersome and not fun. Tossa jute is just freaking amazing, and has given me very much the results that I wanted, when I wanted them. Yes, I had to break it in fairly extensively; but once that was done, it’s always served me well. This is pretty cool because you don’t get bulky, unsightly looking knots. Small knots; sits flat over skin.

As a solid braid, this is much stronger than the polypropylene webbing mentioned above. However, more importantly, this stuff is rated. It generally has very clean lines, and has a sort of compelling aesthetic to it which honestly can make a person fall in love with it. Knots that look so-so with cotton or synthetic somehow look amazing with jute. It is considerably stronger than the Zen rope I just mentioned; and again, is rated. Apparently it is often used as boat rope, so I’d say it’s fairly hardwearing and durable.

Nothing I’ve done to it has fixed this. It may be because it’s sort of a short fibred rope, or it might just be the stuff I got hold of. This is another synthetic bondage rope, and has many of the same properties of that rope mentioned immediately above, particularly in regards to friction. However, there are some advantages and improvements with this one which I will go over. All the same pros as hemp, basically, with a few more thrown in. Jute makes for extremely good photos in it’s un-dyed state. Cons:. As synthetic ropes go, it’s a bit pricey.

So, to sum up the whole post:. At the moment, my two favourite ropes are the Twisted Monk Hemp for bedroom ties, and Tossa Jute for absolutely everything else. Excellent give and flex, and there’s something truly awesome about the way it moves in your hands and when you’re wrapping it around someone. It makes the experience of tying someone a lot more fun. Has a really, really nice smell – sort of earthy and warm. Knots are not at all difficult to unpick; because of the compactness of that tight lay, it doesn’t tend to squish and become difficult.

I generally get rope of 5 or 6 millimeters in diameter. Bondage Rope: Types of Rope Used In Bondage. However, as I examined it, I realized that I could probably remove the core. What was left wouldn’t be as strong, but it might very well be suitable for bedroom tying. Jute rope is another favourite of shibari enthusiasts, and is extremely popular for bondage rope. Somewhat pricey, it comes in a variety of lays (“lay” refers to how tightly it’s twisted together). Update (2018). HOWEVER. Knots are not at all difficult to unpick; because of the compactness of that tight lay, it doesn’t tend to squish and become difficult. Cons:.