You’ve heard the advertisements and noticed the advertisements: "We resolve your tax problems for pennies on the dollar! " "nobody else knows about this restricted IRS app, so call us now! "

As they say, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

A few of these scams might seem familiar to you and others might come as a major surprise. This webpage will be updated each week, so check back frequently for more news and information on added "tax aid " companies which have been captured.

If it comes to regular tax aid, all aid is given under two official sources.

Generally, the IRS looks at just both of these resources when deciding if tax aid, like a payment program or punishment abatement, may be allowed. As these are the only two sources taxation aid businesses can utilize to aid taxpayers, a specific company canhave no "secret understanding " or even "particular tax options " across the other, despite any claim to the contrary.

Top Scams of Monetary Settlement Businesses.

This scam generally starts with deceptive commercials claiming to decrease a citizen ‘s tax obligation for pennies-on-the-dollar and by settling with the IRS to get a portion of what a taxpayer owes. These ads are greatly used online and via unsolicited email usually masked to look as official IRS notices. In case you’ve ever had a tax lien filed against you, you’re probably quite knowledgeable about the following barrage of solicitations which will follow. 1 advertising method that is becoming more widespread recently is using hot radio personalities and other celebrities to support these unscrupulous taxation aid businesses. They frequently make grandiose claims of settlements and urge listeners to phone right away to protect against missing out on a supposed time-sensitive chance for tax relief. These false guarantees continue once a citizen visits the firm ‘s site or makes a call into the corporation. See below.

Connected to the above, the majority of these unscrupulous taxation aid businesses have numerous salespeople who manage all incoming calls. They aren’t certified tax professionals and their only goals will be to ascertain how much you owe and convince one they can substantially lower your debt, all of the while procuring a non-refundable deposit through your credit card, bank amount or personal credit score. As soon as you enroll through a contract, then they continue to bill you and require little if any positive actions in your circumstance. See illustrations below.

Fraudulent tax aid businesses, as well as also the aggregators who serve themlove the net. A number have 100’s or 1000’s of sites which provide the appearance of being an established, reliable, and full fledged tax aid firm. They generally tout their Better Business Bureau score and liberally utilize popular tax relief exemptions like the ones cited above to catch the citizen ‘s focus and supply them with a false sense of hope. The majority of these websites have contact forms on each page (to immediately capture your precious private information) and don’t recognize any true licensed tax specialists. When a citizen enters their name and contact info, the aggregated information is subsequently transferred or sold to unscrupulous businesses which will make use of their salespeople to solicit you by telephone, email, or e-mail. Taxpayers who then sign up with such firms frequently incur recurring fees in exchange for vacant and exaggerated claims.

Likewise, and almost humorously, several of these very same companies own and manage sites which promise to be an independent company that reviews and rates "tax settlement " businesses. When you arrive in these fake review websites, which at first glance seem to be valid, the unscrupulous tax relief company that owns the website is consistently rated number one. Simply stated, these taxation aid businesses are standing themselves.

What occurs when taxpayer-victims and State Attorneys General begin to grab on to those firms? The firms simply alter their name and establish a new company structure. When the tax relief company begins to have problems with its fraudulent business practices, it creates a new company and goes back into exactly the exact same unethical and prohibited practices. Sooner or after this occurs because when the involvement is procured from the payment and salesperson is tax relief debt go to my blog accumulated, the business is expected to supply the impossible outcome guaranteed from the sales teams and ads. After the result isn’t complaints and delivered begin to accumulate too large, it’s only time to get a brand new name and the following form of customer misuse.

Tax Relief Companies Lately Shutdown for Fraud and Deceptive Practices.

Tax Pros — Tax Pros and its creator Patrick Cox CPA were found guilty of defrauding taxpayers nationally and ordered to pay roughly $200M in restitution. A Texas court decided they tricked taxpayers in tv advertisements and sales calls and had over 100,000 fair trade practice violations. Read about their deceitful practices.

JK Harris — Attorneys General in 18 nations brought forth charges against JK Harris for deceptive advertising and business practices. They were among the biggest tax aid companies in the nation.

Ronni Deutch (aka The Tax Woman ) — Ahead of being disbarred from the California State Bar, Roni Deutch was a tax lawyer that worked yet another tax relief scam from California. See how her firm violated court orders and tricked thousands of taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars.

American Tax Relief — A lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission discovered American Tax Relief swindled taxpayers from about $100M via false promises and deceptive practices. Read more about the way American Tax Relief conned citizens.

Regrettably, the above examples are merely the tip of this iceberg. There are lots of other bad apples at the taxation settlement industry which have to be prosecuted by the government. To help protect you from becoming the upcoming unwitting victim, we’ve included a few hints below.

The Way to Protect Yourself.

These tools might help lessen your odds of keeping an unscrupulous tax relief company and tax practitioner.

1) — This site and also the one below provides valuable responses to taxpayers and assists expose those associations that don’t have their customer ‘s best interest in mind.

2) — Though this site and also the one above comprise valid concerns from valid taxpayers, it should also be mentioned that many unscrupulous taxation companies have started using the websites to article bogus testimonials as a way of discrediting their opponents. Because of this, not all the testimonials are real.

3) Google Hunt — At least, taxpayers must always search the internet from the title of the man AND firm they’re considering hiring. Regrettably, some "customer testimonials " on Google, Yelp, along with other popular websites also contain testimonials from paid third parties, employees of the firm being examined, along with other non-existing clients. In a recent instance, Yelp has got a law firm which has been utilizing its workers to post bogus luminous reviews.

4) Request Questions — Probably the main thing a citizen could do when seeking skilled tax relief aid would be to "interview" the tax company by asking legitimate questions about their credentials, expertise, and case settlement processes. A respectable tax relief company will have the ability to let you know precisely who’ll be functioning on your particular situation and the way to contact that individual directly. Bear in Mind, only Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Lawyers are allowed to represent taxpayers Before the IRS.

* Caution *- Better Business Bureau (BBB) — In this moment, Landmark Tax Group is not able to urge the BBB as a trustworthy resource for taxpayers.